What do you want for Christmas?  Have you made a list yet?  I love buying gifts for others.  I love deciding what to buy and wrapping it but most of all, I love watching them open the gift.  If they love it, you know it within seconds.  Their facial expression or in some cases, their screams, confirms you’ve hit the nail on the head. If they don’t, it’s almost painful to watch. If they’re polite, they smile and thank you as if it’s what they’ve dreamed about but their facial expression gives them away.  Others will say the obligatory thank you, set the gift down and move on to another, hoping not to draw attention to themselves or the gift.
What kind of receiver are you? How do you respond when you are given a gift from another?  Do you go on and on about why you love it or do you simply move from one thing to another without pausing to say thank you?
Too many times we fail to show our gratitude to the Father at Christmas for sending His Son as a gift for us [John 3:16].  After all, Jesus was the first gift of Christmas.  If it weren’t for Him, we wouldn’t be celebrating anything; however, we seem to have moved on to the other gifts and festivities of Christmas. The Father sacrificed greatly for us, He wrapped His gift and delivered it in a unique way, yet many of us barely even provide the obligatory thank you for what He’s done as if it’s old news [Luke 2:7, 12].  Every other gift we receive will eventually be discarded, break, or go out of style.  Jesus is the only gift with eternal value. He is worthy of celebrating, worthy of our praise and thankfulness.
In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the season, take time to pause and sincerely thank the Father for what He has given you for Christmas.  Jesus is the best gift you’ll ever receive.ow