th (3)When you were little, did you buy lunch in the cafeteria or did you bring a sack lunch from home? Every now and then I would buy my lunch, but for the most part I would take my lunch to school.  My mom packed the best sack lunches.  I always had a sandwich, some type of chips, a piece of fruit and her homemade cookies.  It was the perfect amount to fill me up for the afternoon and I never threw anything away.  She knew exactly how much food I would eat and that’s what she packed.

There was another little boy whose mom packed his lunch.  She probably knew exactly what it would take to fill him up for the afternoon.  She packed him two small fish and five small barley loaves, just enough for a growing little boy. You can read about him in John 6:1-13.  This little boy took his lunch out to the mountainside to hear a man named Jesus preach.

Never in a million years did this little boy or his mother know he would be part of a miracle that day.

He saw a need and he stepped up to offer what he had. He knew he didn’t have enough to feed everyone.  After all, a man named Andrew had pointed out just how small his fish and barley loaves were when he took them to Jesus [John 6:9]. But what happened?  What happened when the small lunch was sacrificially given to Jesus?

John 6:11 says,

Jesus then took the loaves, gave thanks, and distributed to those who were seated as much as they wanted. He did the same with the fish. “

The people didn’t just get a bite, but they had “as much as they wanted.”  When we give freely to the Lord, He does amazing things with our gift.  I’ve experienced it firsthand.

What do you have you’re willing to give sacrificially to the Lord?  What are you willing to place in His hands? Are you willing to give your time to visit with an elderly neighbor or take care of single mother’s yard for her?  Would you be willing to answer a telephone call from a scared sex traffficking victim who calls the Out of Darkness hotline number, looking for someone to talk with? Would you be willing to write a check supporting a missionary going to India or somewhere else in the world?

When you trust Jesus by giving Him what you have, He will take it, bless it and use it to change the world, one life at a time. Then you, too, can be part of miracle. So, as they say at the Varsity, “Whatta ya have?”