th (8)Does your family like to tell stories of things that happened in the past? It never seems to fail when my family comes together the story telling begins. Sometimes a new story will be added to the mix, but you can always count on someone bringing up and old story and telling it as if those gathered around have never heard it.

One of my funniest memories of my sister-in-law, Kim, is when we were all gathered around the dinner table and my mother started into a story we’d all heard a million times.  Apparently, Kim wasn’t up to hearing it again, because two sentences into the story, she blurts out the punch line of the story, “Go home, Rusty dog, go home!” and we all roared with laughter, even my mother.

There’s something about sharing a story with others.  It’s a reminder of something you have in common with those gathered. It builds a stronger bond among you.  It causes you to reflect on another time.

Jesus knows this better than anyone.  As Jesus shared the Lord’s Supper with the disciples one last time in Luke 22:14-30, He told the disciples,

Do this in remembrance of me.”

He didn’t just want the disciples to eat bread and drink wine.  He wanted them to remember Him.  Remember what He said; remember what He did.

Can you imagine the first time they celebrated the Lord’s Supper without Him?  Who told the first story?  Who started the trip down memory lane? If it was like my family, it only took one story to prime the pump and get them flowing, flowing with laughter, flowing with tears, flowing with memories.

We’re called to do the same.  We are to recall what He’s done in our lives. It will build our faith and strengthen our bond with Him as well as those who have experienced it with us.

What is one thing He’s done in your life you need to remember? Share it here.  Prime the pump, because we all need to remember.