photoDid you see pictures of the massive tornado in Oklahoma?  It was a massive, force of destruction at least a half-mile wide that took out nearly everything in its path.  The winds were recorded to be 200 mph at times. More than 120 people were treated at area hospitals, approximately 70 of those children. The death toll is up to 51 and expected to rise.  It’s incomprehensible for those of us who weren’t there.

Times like these are when you read about ordinary men and women becoming heroes.  The first responders, everyday citizens like you and me jumped in where help was needed.  They worked to pull children from the debris of a local elementary school. Survivors were passed down a human chain to the triage area to assess the children before transporting them to the hospital. For hours they worked, doing whatever was necessary to find survivors.

This truly was a Matthew 25:35-45 situation.  People saw a need and they didn’t stand around trying to determine whose job it was to do the task.

Seeing a need and filling it- that’s Kingdom living and its sad it takes a massive tragedy for people to live that way.

We have the opportunity to live this way every day of our lives. Look around your sphere of influence.  Where do you see a need? What’s keeping you from filling it? Jump in. Be Jesus with skin on; be a first responder in someone’s crisis.  By doing so, we can change the world, one person at a time.