radio1Do you listen to talk radio?  I don’t listen often, but last night I had the opportunity to be on a talk show in Houston, Texas called Sunday Night Live. The host, Kim Wier,  focused on the issue of sex trafficking in America, specifically in the Houston, Texas area.  Like Atlanta, they have been identified as a hub for sex trafficking. It isn’t the typical topic of discussion on a Christian radio talk show; however, its necessary.  The only way to advance against this evil is to raise awareness and propel people into action. This is a horrific problem that isn’t going away unless we do something about it. We are God’s plan A in this situation [Acts 1:8, Matthew 25:35-45].  In Proverbs 31:8 He said,

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.”

In preparation for my time on the radio, I researched the Houston area to learn if they had organizations in place fighting on the front lines like Atlanta.  I learned about organizations like Free the Captives, Redeemed Ministries and Elijah Rising.  These organizations are forming a Houston Alliance of non-profits and churches that are coming together to maximize their impact against the issue. These are people who have learned of this atrocity in Houston and are refusing to look the other way.
I was particularly blessed by the number of men who called in to the show to ask a question or share a comment.  Men are key to bringing the sex trade to an end. The only way this issue will be conquered is to eradicate the demand. As long as there are johns (buyers of sex) out there willing to pay for sex, the pimps (sellers of sex) will continue to meet the demand. We can rescue girls all day long and put them into restoration centers, but as long as the demand exists, pimps will simply go out and acquire another girl through force, fraud or coercion without skipping a beat.
We live in an overly sexualized society where the unthinkable is happening not only on a daily basis, but minute by minute. Every two minutes innocence is stolen from a child in this country. Kim Wier is using her platform to speak up for those caught in this evil. How can you use your sphere of influence to raise awareness and activate abolitionist?

Let’s make slavery become something found only in our history books instead of our cities.

Raise your voice for hope!