thDo you dream? Not just when you’re asleep, but do you dream with your eyes open? It’s suggested that the most successful people in the world are big dreamers. You might be one of those people that dreams, but you just don’t call it dreaming.  Do you have a list of goals or wishes? It’s the same thing. It’s wanting something that is a reach, a stretch, or wildly beyond your control.

Your dream may be something crazy, like winning the lottery and never having to work again. It could be noble, like wanting the hole in the heart of an infant to close up on it’s own so open heart surgery isn’t necessary.  Either way, it’s important to never give  up on your dreams.

In the book, The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho said,

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”

Too many of us let our dreams die or see them as impossible and give up before taking a step towards it. Some of our dreams may truly be impossible; for them to happen would defy the laws of nature. Yet, nothing is impossible with God [Luke 1:37]. We make God small.  We put Him in a box and determine what He can or cannot do based on what we can wrap our little finite brains around. God makes the impossible possible.

Romans 4:17b says,

the God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they are.”

When Mary’s brother, Lazarus, was dead and buried in a tomb, the idea of him living was pretty impossible… but not with Jesus [John 11:17-44]. When Abraham’s wife was approaching a hundred years old, the idea of bearing a child was impossible… but not with Jesus [Genesis 17:15-22, 21:1-7].

What’s your dream? Have you let it die, or are you holding out, believing God for the impossible? My dream is to see Rescuing Hope become a New York Times Bestseller (Did I just put that out there for everyone to read?).  I don’t desire that for fame or fortune. I want it to happen to raise national awareness of the evil of sex trafficking in America and to enlist more people in the fight against it. In the flesh, there are so many reasons that could be viewed as a pipe dream; however, I refuse to discount Jesus. He can make it happen. Nothing is too difficult for Him.

I’ve shared one of my dreams with you. Share one of yours here. We can lift one another’s dreams to the Lord in prayer and celebrate together when they become reality. So, I ask you again, what’s your dream?