Image (5)Were you caught in the snow last night? I was at Solomon House, the safe house where Out of Darkness takes women who are rescued off the street until they can place them in recovery centers. It normally takes me about twenty-five minutes to drive home from there, but last night, it took me 8 1/2 hours. The roads were complete gridlock. Not only did I have to navigate around and with tons of cars, but I had to think about the actual roads, where were there more hills, which road would be easiest to maneuver down.

I could have easily had a panic attack, but God was so faithful. He provided for me in so many ways. I just have to take a minute and boast in the Lord.

  1. I didn’t have to worry about my family.  My daughter made it safely home from school (I had her released 2 hours before their scheduled dismissal). My husband wasn’t far behind her. My son was safe on his college campus and having a ball playing in the snow with his friends.
  2. I had gas in my truck. I asked the Lord to sustain my gas tank like He did the Israelites’ clothing when they wandered in the wilderness for forty years and the needle never dropped below a quarter of a tank during the entire drive [Deuteronomy 8:4].
  3. When I got stuck at the base of a hill on two separate occasions, the Lord send angels to push me over the hill and on my way [Hebrews 13:2].
  4. I had my cell phone and my car charger, so I knew I would be able to communicate with people. I kept my family abreast of my location and I called the two ladies who I knew were a few miles behind me trying to make it on their own in this mess.
  5. God brought back to mind the driving techniques for inclement weather my father taught me when I was fifteen years old growing up with snowy and icy winters. I was able to share those tips with my friends who had never driven in this type of weather, helping us all maneuver our way safely.
  6. God sent a police escort. Just when I was about to jump out of my tree, so to speak, a police car came riding by on the opposite side of a six lane road and motioned for those of us in the far left lane to cross over and follow him and we drove that way for several miles, helping us cover miles of road with ease.

I pray you all made it safely to your home without incident. This weather caught Metro Atlanta off guard, but the kindness and goodness that was displayed among strangers was a true blessing to watch.

Based on the weather reports, this isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Stay warm, stay safe, and pray for those who haven’t made it home yet as well as those serving others in the storm.