WordleDo you ever search on Google just for fun? A friend of mine gave me a cool word page and I wanted to learn how she did it. I searched on Google for a while, but then I just called her for the website. It’s called Wordle and it is so much fun to play around with creating all kinds of cool pages.

The way it works is you type words you’d like to have included in the design. The more times you type the word into the data collector, the bigger the word gets. So, for example, the word family was typed into the data collector more than any other word. Then our family members’ names were typed almost as many times, and so on. It generates a variety of fonts and colors, so you can play with it until you get the desired design.

I printed mine out and left it on my desk until I have time to scrapbook again. This morning when I glanced at it, I felt God saying,

The same is true with the words you speak.”

I had to sit down and chew on that a while. Have you ever thought about the impact of your words on your heart or the hearts of others you speak them to on a daily basis? What if the words we spoke to others or ourselves showed up on our bodies like tattoos? What words would stand out on you? What words would show up on those you love the most?IMG_0110 (1)

Proverbs 18:21 says,

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

Just like my Wordle design, the words we speak to ourselves and others most often are the ones that speak the loudest. Those are the words that take root and grow. What kind of words do you want to speak to others? What about to yourself?

Choose wisely, because the words you speak are seeds that may take root and grow into someone’s identity.