VitamixDo you drink smoothies? Our family loves them. When my son was home, he would make a smoothie a day, usually following a workout. I needed to buy stock in frozen strawberries.

My problem with smoothies is the blender. It was notorious for failing to fully mix everything, leaving chunks of fruit or cubes of ice in the smoothie, thus taking the smooth out of smoothie.

Kevin Avery, of 104.7 the Fish, talks about working out a lot and drinking smoothies after workouts or for meal replacements. People have called into his show to talk about their smoothie woes, and apparently, I’m not the only one whose smoothie isn’t smooth. He said he loves his Vitamix blender. Everything comes out smooth.

This week I took the plunge. After years of dealing with the chunky smoothie; therefore making the name a farce, I decided to buy a Vitamix. Let me just say,

Where have you been all my life?”

In the world of smoothie making, the Vitamix is king. I love it! This morning, everyone got smoothies. I was throwing in huge chunks of fruit, ice cubes, frozen strawberries. The end result was a silky, smooth smoothie. It really didn’t matter what I threw in there, it was no match for the Vitamix. I was even able to put things in there I wouldn’t necessarily choose to eat, like kale, and the Vitamix broke it down so tiny, I didn’t recognize it. When it was blended with all of ┬áthe yummy pineapple and mango, I didn’t taste it.

God is more powerful than a Vitamix. We can bring our messes of life to Him, even the big, bad, and ugly ones, and He works them together for good [Romans 8:28]. When we truly trust our junk to Him, He breaks it down and mixes it in with the good and we don’t even recognize it. What the enemy meant for evil, God uses for good.

The trick is total surrender. Just like my Vitamix can’t blend things together if I don’t let go of them, God can’t fully blend the pieces and parts of our lives unless we totally surrender them to Him. When we do, He makes something beautiful out of them.