Maya Angelou 1Are you familiar with Maya Angelou? She was an amazing woman. She authored several books, poems, plays, and was a well known speaker. She carried herself with grace, wisdom and poise that was matchless. She never seemed to be in a hurry to speak or act; rather, she was known for a thoughtful pause as she chose her words wisely. When she did speak, her words carried authority, power, and punch.

Maya Angelou died Wednesday and our nation will forever be marked by her. She’s known for many fabulous quotes, but one of my favorites of hers is,

Be a rainbow in somebody else’s cloud.”

We may not all become famous authors, speaker, or celebrities in life as Maya Angelou did; however, we can all be a rainbow for another.

This morning, as I was reading through the Proverbs, I found wisdom spoken by another that said,

Do not withhold good from those whom it is due, when it is in your power to act.”

Today, you will encounter people who are having a great day. All seems to be right in their world. You will also likely encounter someone who feels like a rain cloud is following them around everywhere they go. What can you do to make a difference in their life? How can you reach out and help? How can you be their rainbow?

It rarely costs you much to step in and help another. In fact, the return on the investment is almost always more than you can imagine.

Take a moment today to hold the baby of a mother who is juggling other siblings while searching for care keys. Bring coffee to a friend, neighbor or coworker. Mow the lawn of a neighbor while you’re mowing yours. The act of kindness isn’t the issue. Just act.

There will be countless tributes to Maya Angelou across the globe in the days and weeks to come. You, too, can pay tribute to the amazing woman she was by walking out some of the wisdom she shared during her brief stay on this earth.

Be a blessing! Be the rainbow!


*My younger brother is bringing his family to the east coast from Colorado next week. I will be taking the week off to treasure the time with them. I’ll meet you back here on Monday, June 9th. I pray your week is filled with rainbow opportunities.