Father's DayDid you know this Sunday is Father’s Day? It will be the first time in a long time we’re actually home for Father’s Day. We’re usually on family vacation this week. However, even though I’ll be home, I have to mail my Daddy his Father’s Day gift because he lives two states away.

Daddy and I have a special relationship. I spend a lot of time looking for the perfect card for him. I am usually a “words” person when choosing a card, meaning I select a card that says what I want it to say more than by the appearance of the card. However, this year the picture on the front of the card captured me. Even if the words had been hokey, I think I would have bought the card and scratched them out writing my own.

You see, when I was a little girl my daddy would come home from work

Me and my Daddy taking a selfie.

Me and my Daddy taking a selfie.

and I’d run to the door to greet him. I’d throw my arms around his legs and then step up on his shoes. We would dance or walk around for a few minutes with me standing on his feet. It was our little game and it worked for three reasons:

  1. I knew I was loved by my daddy.
  2. I fully trusted him.
  3. I wanted to go where he was going, because I wanted to be with him.

Several years ago I shared this story at a speaking engagement when I realized my daddy was a beautiful picture of my Heavenly Father when he and I danced this way. Father God extends His hand to us each and every day, asking,

May I have this dance?”

Before we can accept His hand, we must know that we are loved by Him. Do you know that? Do you know that you are loved so much, He withheld nothing to spend all eternity with you [John 3:16]? He loves you more than you could even begin to comprehend.

We must trust Him with our lives and our future. He has plans for us, but they aren’t always what we would choose ourselves, so we must trust Him [Jeremiah 29:11, Isaiah 55:8]. His plans are always the best plans.

And finally, we must want to go where He is going and want to be with Him before taking His hand and starting to dance because He only┬áleads. We’re called to follow, not to navigate [Matthew 4:19].

Now I realize some of you reading this may not know your father or he may have been absent in your lives. Still others of you may have a father you wish was absent from your lives because he was anything but a picture of love. Unfortunately, we do not have a say in who our earthly father is. We have to take what we get. But we do have a choice with regard to our Heavenly Father. We can choose to accept Him or we can reject Him.

He’s standing there, hand stretched out, asking you to dance. What’s it going to be? In the words of Lee Ann Womack,

I hope you dance!”

Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers reading this. I pray you would be a beautiful reflection of the Father’s love to those He has entrusted to you.