cleaningDo you like having company come visit you? I have often said I need house guests at least once a month to ensure I give the house a thorough cleaning. When I have company coming, I hit the ground running. I want them to find things in good condition, welcoming.

How many of us treat God like a guest who visits every now and then? We try and clean things up on Sunday mornings before we go to church for our weekly visit; however, we seem to forget that church isn’t where He dwells. When we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior our bodies become His dwelling place and He’s there seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year [1 Corinthians 6:19-20].

Your family lives in your house every day. They don’t come and visit and then leave again, unless they are grown (and sometimes not even then). You have to learn to clean while they’re there and sometimes you involve them in the cleaning, whether they sign up to help or just get volunteered.

There are parts of our body we may be able to clean up and get into shape through diet and exercise, but the deep cleaning, the stubborn stains that are hard to remove require help. The Lord desires to help us with our housework if we’ll let Him. He has a stain remover that works every time [Psalm 51:7]. All we have to do is call to Him and He will answer us [Jeremiah 33:3]. He will come along beside us and create a clean we couldn’t begin to imagine [Psalm 51:10].

Why don’t you hit your knees and do some deep cleaning today. The Lord is better than Maids of Honor and a whole lot cheaper.