Change purseIt’s FRONT LINE FRIDAY.

I’m so excited to introduce you to Angela Moran and the organization Change Purse.

I met Angela when speaking at an anti-trafficking event in Greensboro, North Carolina earlier this year. She had such an interesting story to share about how she got involved in the fight. I knew others would be open to plugging into an organization like Change Purse. And, hey, who doesn’t love a good reason to buy a new purse, right?!

When did you first learn about the issue of sex trafficking?

I attended the Catalyst conference when Gary Haugen from the International Justice Mission spoke about human trafficking.  It blew my mind.  When I learned about sex-trafficking, my heart was captured and I knew I needed to do something about this!

What books did you read about the issue? Did you talk with anyone or attend any conferences to learn more?

I learned more about sex trafficking from World Vision.  I talked with anyone I could.  I read Not For Sale and attended the Abolition Summit put on by Exodus Cry.  I connected with Shared Hope International and read their website.  I met with Emily Fitchpatrick of Hope House and learned from her personally.  I also read Scars and Stilettos by Harmony Dust.

How did you get involved in the fight? Was it a volunteer or paid position?

I went home and prayed about how I could get involved.  I prayed a simple but powerful prayer, “Jesus, I love you and I love purses. If I could use my love of you and my love of purses to change the world that would be awesome.”  Jesus led me to create Change Purse and it is a 100% volunteer run organization.

Do you work directly with survivors? If so, how?

Change Purse does not directly work with survivors, but the organizations we support do.  I have had the amazing privilege of meeting these women face to face and spending time with them.  I also go into the strip clubs and work directly with the women there.  We encourage them and speak life to them.  Our #1 objective:  LOVE.

How long has Change Purse been in the fight?

Change Purse launched in November of 2010.

What is the hardest part about what you do?

Balancing my passion for the fight and taking care of my husband, children and home.  I must prioritize God and ask Him for his agenda daily.

What is the greatest part about what you do?

Change Purse encourages hope – in both those we serve and those who serve with us.  Change Purse is a simple strategy for abolition – and it’s a joy to see women come alive by knowing that they are making a difference by collecting and selling purses.  It’s easy – and it changes lives!!

What do you feel is the weak link in the fight against sex trafficking?

I think the weakest link in the fight against sex trafficking is ignorance and apathy… mainly in the church.  God has called the church to fulfill His great commission.  He’s not sending anyone else.  We’re his plan A- there is no plan B.  We need to be aware of the issue of sex-trafficking and take action.  Stop fueling the demand (pornography!). and help change the way that society views women and sex.  Sex is not for sale and we can stop it.  There are more of us than there are of them!

What role do you feel pornography plays in the sex trafficking industry?

I believe it is 100% the leading cause of sex trafficking.  Once you see it, in pictures, you want it on video.  Video leads to strip clubs, which leads to multiple sex partners, then with strangers.  It is the cause… and people see it as innocent.  It is horrific the lies people believe about the pornography industry.  What people feel when they see porn is NOT bad… it’s beautiful.  We were created to feel those feelings and want those things.  Only the timing is wrong!  God created sex to be enjoyed between husband and wife.   Take the shame away from pornography addiction – admit the problem and put your focus on God and allow Him to heal and redirect those feelings/emotions for His glory and in His time!

What steps do you think to be taken on a national level?

We need to provide education in schools about the harmful effects of pornography and grooming awareness. Legislation needs to be passed to protect victims. We need to prosecute the buyers of sex!  If you take away the demand, the supply is irrelevant!

If you could give a shout out to another organization in the fight, who would it be?

Restore One in Greenville, South Carolina. They are opening the first house in the nation for boys!

Angela is a powerhouse and she doesn’t hold back. She’s seen firsthand what the commercial sex industry does to people’s lives as she ministers to girls in the strip clubs. What I love about Change Purse is it offers an opportunity for those who aren’t ready to walk life out with victims or survivors a way to step into the fight. It’s a safe first step. I happen to know Angela would gladly work with you to launch a chapter of Change Purse in your area, so if you’re interested in learning more, visit her here. If you would like to donate to the ministry, you can do so here.

Gandhi said,

Be the change you want to see in the world.”

How awesome it is to know you can mix that desire with purses and make a difference. What are you waiting for?