I am so excited to introduce you to a dear friend of mine, Dr. Sherry Rudd. Dr. Rudd is a dentist and the owner of Gentle Care Family Dentistry.

I know you may be wondering why I’m featuring a dentist on Front Line Friday. Well, I’m glad you asked. She may be a dentist by day, but she is truly an angel with her wings hidden and she is on the front line of the fight against trafficking. You’re going to love her!

When did you first learn about the issue of sex trafficking in America?

I have known about the issue for a few years but I didn’t know how prevalent it was in Atlanta until I had a conversation with you. Once I knew it was a real issue here, I knew I had to do something.

What books did you read to learn more about the issue? Did you watch any movies/documentaries?

I started watching things on television that featured this issue, just normal network television shows and I read Rescuing Hope.

How did you first get involved in the fight?

I knew that I could not quit my job and do a lot of hands on things right now, but I did want to do what I could. I started giving clothes or items needed to some of the organizations that help survivors and then I started to offer my services to survivors at no cost to them.

Do you work directly with survivors?

Yes. I provide corrective dental care for them when they come into Solomon House, a safe house run by Out of Darkness.

What’s the hardest part of what you do to help survivors?

For me I hate that I can’t do more. So many of the girls/ladies I see are so broken. It kills me that I can’t do more to restore them. I just want to cry because I can only imagine what they’re going through. One girl kept asking, “Are you going to hurt me?” No one should have to experience what they’ve gone through.

What is the greatest blessing for you in the fight? 

Knowing that I’m doing something  they really need is a blessing to me. I get to help them, relieve some of their pain,  get them to a place where they feel important and valued. As they become more confident in their appearance, they carry themselves differently, smile more, and  can find employment.  They’re treated with respect, care and dignity here. It’s how I can be part of the fight. I get to do what I love doing and get to help others.

What would you tell another professional looking for a way to plug into the fight?

Think of how you can use what you already do to provide assistance to the restoration of these girls/ladies. The reward far exceeds what you give. It’s heart-warming to know you’re doing what you’re doing for someone who really needs it. I always feel like I come away more blessed than they are by my time with them.

What type of work do you do? Is there a way you could use it or your connections to assist girls/women coming out of the sex trade? If so, contact a front line organization and offer your assistance. You can find a list of possible organizations to get you started here.

Dr. Rudd’s practice is located in Marietta, Georgia. For more information about her practice, go here.