To do listDo you sit still very often? My mother will tell you that even when I sit some part of me is in motion. If I’m honest, it’s usually my mouth. I tell people I’ve been given the spiritual gift of blab. The reality is I talk a lot.

Even if I’m not talking, my leg is swinging or my knee is bouncing or something is moving. When I was little, my grandmother would say,

She is such a busy little thing.”

I’m a doer. I guess I’m more like Martha, in that I’m always doing something [Luke 10:38-42]. So many people talk about the Mary/Martha story as if being like Martha, one who was busy doing, is a bad thing. Where they saying believers who do things are wrong? Being a doer, I was bothered by that notion. After spending time studying that story, I realized Martha’s fault wasn’t the fact that she was busy doing things.

Martha’s fault was that she got distracted from Jesus instead of by Jesus [verse 40].

God doesn’t tell us to do nothing. In fact, Ephesians 2:10 says,

For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

God has work for us to do. His issue with Martha wasn’t the work, nor is it his issue with us. The issue is our focus. Are we focusing on the work or are we focusing on Jesus?

When we focus on the work instead of Jesus, we are at great risk of basking in any glory that is a result of the work. We can get all excited about what we’ve done instead of recognizing what God has done through us.

As Christine Caine says,

It’s your Who not your do.”

If we serve others, do the work of the Kingdom God has called us to, and give the glory to God, then our focus is in the right place. Our main thing is the main thing. Again, it all boils down to focus, which is defined as,

the center of interest or activity.”

Is Christ the center of your interest? Is He the center of your activity? Is He the reason you do what you do? Are you doing it for His purposes and His glory or your own?

The answers to those questions will reveal your heart.