Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? There were some amazing plays, but my favorite happened to be a Seahawks miracle catch [excuse the commentary]. I just wish the ending had been as miraculous for them.

You were either thrilled to see the Patriots pull it out in the last few seconds or you were devastated to see the Seahawks pass a ball that even you knew should have been run in for a touchdown. Either way, it is over.

Throughout the week leading up to the Super Bowl multiple front line organizations in the fight against sex trafficking have been plugging away, doing all they could to draw attention to the issue, myself included. I’ve seen multiple articles stating that the Super Bowl was the largest trafficking event in the world and others saying not so. The bottom line is girls were trafficked. They were trafficked in pass quantities in Phoenix to meet the demand, however, they were trafficked all over the nation last night.

And guess what? They’ll be trafficked again today. It’s a new day.

They’ll be expected to meet their quota again today. They don’t get a day off. As a pimp told me when I interviewed him for Rescuing Hope,

We may doze but we never close.”

Evil doesn’t take a holiday. This is true in the lives of sex trafficking victims and it’s true in our lives too. The enemy is constantly looking for a way to kill, steal or destroy you [John 10:10]. It’s his only plan.

So what do you do? How do you fight back?

You and I have nothing in our own strength to take him on. We will lose every time.

Fortunately, in Christ’s strength, we can stand victorious [Philippians 4:13, Romans 8:37]. So when things get difficult, and they will, we follow the lead of a little child [John 16:33]. We run to our Father because He has our back every time [Genesis 12:3, 2 Thessalonians 3:3].

Today is a new day. It is filled with new blessings and new obstacles. In order for you to know how to maneuver it best, run to your Father and He’ll tell you what to do.