Happy EasterWhat are you doing this weekend? Do you have plans to travel? Will you be with family or friends? Or are you planning to spend the weekend working in the yard since it’s supposed to be gorgeous?

I’m not certain what I’ll be doing but I do know what I’ll be focused on this weekend. It is the central most important weekend in the Christian faith….

Easter, Resurrection Sunday.

As I thought about what to write this morning, I kept coming back to Jesus. Who is He, really? Who do you say He is? It’s a question He asked His disciples in Matthew 16:15,

But what about you?” He asked. “Who do you say I am?”

How do you see Him? What do you think He is capable of doing or not doing? How does He compare to others in your opinion?

I kept coming back to a video I saw several years ago called That’s My King. It is a powerful picture of who Jesus is and I cannot begin to write anything that will do more justice to Jesus than it, especially in the powerful delivery Dr. S. M. Lockridge provides. It brings tears to my eyes every single time I watch it. Should you desire to hear the full sermon, which I highly recommend, you can do so here. You’ll come to love Dr. Lockridge. When he said,

A sermon should tan your hide”

I knew I liked him. He calls a spade a spade and doesn’t mince words. He preaches truth like many churches fail to do today. He doesn’t concern himself with making friends or influencing people. He focuses on speaking truth and nothing but the truth. His words are deeply rooted in the Word of God.

So, with that being said, I will defer to Dr. Lockridge this morning and bid you all a Happy Easter. May you see the Savior in a new light.