Jesus knows meAre you a coffee drinker? It’s become quite the rage ever since the onset of the Starbucks’ coffeehouse movement that began after 1983. Today people meet and hang out in coffeehouses like they used to do in bars. You can read more about what spurred Howard Schultz to create the coffeehouse tradition here.

I am funny about the coffee mug I use. It has to fit comfortably in my hand, not being too heavy to hold yet thick enough to keep the coffee hot. My favorite coffee mugs are not only highly functional, but they’re stinking cute too. They’re made by Glory Haus, which is sold all over the world.

The other day I was serving coffee to friends and used several of my Glory Haus mugs. One of them says,

Jesus Knows Me This I Love”

I was asked,

Isn’t that supposed to say Jesus loves me this I know?”

Glory Haus did not make a mistake. It was intended to read as it does. Jesus doesn’t just love us, He knows us, or at least we better hope He does.

I want Him to know me and not just as someone in passing, but I want Him to know me intimately… not just because nothing is hidden from Him and Hebrews 4:13 tells us, but because we have a relationship with one another. I do not want to be one of those people who finally sees Him face to face only to hear,

I never knew you.” (Read Matthew 7:15-29)

I not only want the Lord to know me, I want to know Him deeply. This will not happen by accident. If I truly know Him and He knows me, it will be the result of an intentional, intimate relationship.

The deciding factor rests on me.

He’s ready, able and willing. I will be the one who determines if I have that type of relationship with Him.

Am I willing to invest in it? Will I sacrifice other things to give Him time? Am I willing to be still and know? (Psalm 46;10) Will I yield my rights and desires for Him? (Matthew 16:25) Will you?

Jesus loves you for certain. As the childhood song goes, the Bible tells me so. But, does He know you? Would you like for Him to?