MOPIt’s time. No matter how much I hate doing it, it just has to be done. What am I talking about? Mopping. It is one of the household chores that I absolutely avoid until it can’t be avoided anymore.

Depending on how much time I’ve allowed to pass since the last time I mopped the job may take longer, more scrubbing. In reality, it would be easier if I would stop avoiding it and do it frequently. Then I’d just be maintaining instead of hard scrubbing.

The funny thing is, the moment I finish mopping, I’m so happy I did it. I much prefer a sparkling clean floor. Well, let’s be real, a clean floor. I’m not sure mine has ever sparkled like the television commercials, but I do get it clean.

So now I’ve revealed the honest truth to you, my housekeeping practices are not top shelf. But it is necessary to clean.

Many people treat their time with the Lord like I do mopping. They put it off. They feel it’s work and they think of many other things they’d prefer to do instead.

If we find ourselves avoiding the Lord like that, we need to run as quickly as we can to Him. The dread is a red flag that we’re not in a good place. While my family can survive and even thrive if I don’t mop our floors as frequently as I should, you will not thrive in life by avoiding the Lord.

I believe those who avoid the Lord do so because they have an inaccurate understanding of who He is and how He feels about them.

The Lord loves you beyond any kind of love you’ve ever experienced  [John 3:16]. He desires to spend time with you [Jeremiah 33:3]. He is your biggest fan [Psalm 45:11]. And He wants to hear what troubles you, what you’re dreaming about, and what you need. He also wants you to invite Him into your day so He can share with you what He has on His heart for you [Jeremiah 29:11]. He wants to be your friend [John 15:15].

So, if this is striking a nerve with you, stop putting it off. Stop avoiding Him. Pull up a chair. Settle yourself and start the conversation. He’ll keep it going and you’ll both be happier if you do.