It’s a Girl!

It's a Girl burlee from Do you have children? If so, do you remember the moment the doctor announced his or her arrival?  I welled up with emotions I didn't even know I had.  I was excited to finally see the one who had been growing inside of  me, where no one else could see.  I was overwhelmed, wondering if I will know how to handle taking care of this child.  I was overjoyed, because I'd waited for this moment, counting down the weeks, days, and minutes. I can honestly say, the launch of Rescuing Hope has [...]

Seven Days of Hope: Day 7, Hope is here!

The Daily Grind Are you as excited as I am? After two and a half years I can finally share Rescuing Hope with you. I have often equated this process to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. There have been ups, downs, and crazy turns, but it has all been worth it.  I am sharing chapter one with you today.  Tomorrow, you will be able to purchase the book at the Resolution Hope New Year's Eve event in Pittsburgh, PA or Kennesaw, GA, right here or on Be forewarned this is real life fiction. It's gritty. Some of the content [...]

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Seven Days of Hope: Day 6, We need you!

Have you ever thought about writing a book? I can honestly say, I hadn't given it much thought before Rescuing Hope.  When I learned of the evil stripping innocence away from our children, selling them like a commodity, I had to do something. Because of my work with youth, I knew teenagers would never read a nonfiction book on the issue of sex trafficking, not unless they were doing a paper on the subject. I also knew if I could write a compelling novel and fill it with as much information about the issue as possible, there was a chance [...]

Seven Days of Hope: Day 3, What can one person do?

Have you ever heard the story of the starfish?  It’s a story by Loren Eisley about a man walking down the beach who sees a boy frantically picking up starfish that had washed upon the shore, throwing them back into the ocean.  When the man asked the boy what he was doing, he said he was throwing the starfish back into the ocean so they wouldn’t die.  The cynical man told the boy there were miles and miles of starfish. He could work all day and he’d never make a difference.  The boy tossed another starfish in the ocean, smiled [...]

Seven Days of Hope: Day 2, What does hope mean to you?

What does hope mean to you?  How would you define it? Webster says hope is: to cherish a desire with anticipation; to desire with expectation of obtainment; to expect with confidence.” The Hebrew word for hope is yachal, which means, to wait, hope, expect.” What is your hope in today?  Mine can be summed up in one word- JESUS! Psalm 25:3-5 says, No one whose hope is in You will ever be put to shame, but they will be put to shame who are treacherous without excuse. Show me Your ways, O LORD, teach me Your paths; guide me in [...]

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What are you reading these days?

What are you reading these days?  I'm usually juggling a couple of books at once.  I think it's important to be a life long learner.  I guess that's the teacher in me.  I try to keep a non-fiction book going and since attending the Catalyst Conference in October, I have a stack taller than the lamp on my bedside table that I'm working my way through. I managed to buy books on everything from human sex trafficking to prayer. You can go to Goodreads and check out what I've been reading lately. I just finished The Circle Maker by Mark [...]

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