The commercial sexual exploitation of children is the fastest growing crime in the world today.  It is estimated it will soon surpass the illegal sale of drugs and arms.

Called the crime hidden in plain sight, sex trafficking takes place all across our nation.

It is not a respecter of persons. It is found in wealthy communities, poor communities, black, white, Asian and Hispanic communities; it’s in our cities and in rural America.  It impacts every demographic imaginable. The average age of a girl entering the sex trade is between twelve and fourteen years old.  The life expectancy of a girl in the sex trade is seven years. The girls being trafficked in America are predominately American children being bought and sold for another’s financial gain.

The first step in fighting this heinous crime is raising awareness, which is the purpose of Rescuing Hope. 

My prayer is for this book to become a catalyst of conversation among you, your children, and your friends.  It is a fictional story based on countless hours of interviews with survivors, families of trafficked girls, detectives who rescue them, and a former pimp.  Through this story, you’ll gain insight into how easily a pimp can lure a young girl into the trade.

Hope is as familiar as the girl next door.  Like any young girl, she has dreams for her future, none of which include being trafficked.

Read her story and pass it on to others.  Allow it to become a springboard into action. Find out how you can get plugged in here.

Join the fight.  Together, we can start a movement and begin rescuing the hope of our nation from the grasp of evil.