Do you follow this rule?

What is the Golden Rule? Do you now where to find it? Can you state it? There are people of all religions and even those who claim no religion that spout off the Golden Rule. It is a direct quote from Jesus and can be found in Luke 6:31, Do to others as you would have them do to you." So many people are familiar with this statement, but how many people live by it? Do you? The action isn't earned or done because you feel someone is worthy. It's selfless. It doesn't require large sums of money. It doesn't [...]

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The answer to the problem is you!

How can God be good if He allows so many awful things take place in this world without doing anything about it? I've heard that question asked many times before.  I've often wondered if God asks the same question of us.  How can (insert your name here) be good if she allows so many awful things to take place in this world without doing anything about it. God doesn't choose to bring affliction or sorrow on anyone [Lamentations 3:33].  Problems are the result of the ruler of this evil world we live in today [Ephesians 2:1-3]. When bad things happen [...]

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