Will you answer?

Have you seen the commercial that says Asheville is calling? If not, here is it. The announcer says, Asheville's calling. Will you answer it? Come and explore Asheville and dance to the beat of a different drum." Well my cellphone has not received a phone call from Asheville beckoning me to return there, but I yesterday I did receive a phone call form Ghana yesterday. I think Ghana trumps Asheville. Just sayin'. It was my dear friend, Eddie Nsafoa. He and I minister together when I travel to Ghana. He picks my team up at the airport and he is with [...]

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What do you expect?

When you ask God to move in a situation, what do you expect to happen? Do expect to be disappointed? Do you think He even hears you? Prayer is important. If it wasn't, Jesus wouldn't have done it. Yet, He prayed and He prayed often. He prayed early in the morning (Mark 1:35).  He prayed over meals (Matthew 26:26). And He prayed in crisis situations when He needed a miracle to happen (John 11:41-43). Jesus knew when He prayed, the Father heard Him. He trusted the Father to do what was best for everyone in any given situation. He encouraged [...]

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Can you believe it?

Do you believe God is for you? Do you believe He hears your prayers and answers them? Many people pray and hope instead of pray and believe. Even the disciples were guilty of this. In Mark 4:35-41 they were caught in a terrible storm that threatened to overtake their boat, while Jesus was asleep in the stern. They frantically woke Him up and said, Teacher, don't you care if we drown?" They never doubted if He was able to save them, but their question indicated they weren’t sure He was willing or even cared. Tom Tanner said, Faith isn’t knowing [...]

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