Are we really the land of the free?

Have you ever wondered what Forever Stamps are? Basically, the United States Postal Service created stamps that never lose their value. If the postage rate goes up, then the stamp value also goes up. The beauty of this is if you purchase postage and then the rate of a stamp increases, you don't have to go replace your postage. Yesterday, I addressing my Father's Day card for my daddy and reached in the drawer to pull out a stamp. I looked down and saw the stamp had the word freedom on it. But, because it was a forever stamp, it said so below the [...]

You should thank a soldier!

Have you thanked a soldier lately? If you woke up in your own bed at a time you determined instead of someone else, you should thank a soldier.  If you have the privilege of being with your family in the safety of your own home, you should thank a soldier. If you will leave your house today for work, school or anywhere else, without fearing for your safety or your very life, you should thank a soldier. It is because of the men and women in uniform who put their very lives on the line so yours doesn't have to [...]

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