Let’s talk about sex!

What do you do when you see an article about sex trafficking posted on Facebook or Twitter?  Do you read it? Do you scroll down and ignore it? Or do you simply forward it to someone, like me, who you know is in the fight against human sex trafficking? Let's face it, no one enjoys reading those articles, even me; however, we cannot afford to look the other way.  Our nation's greatest treasure is being plundered right before our very eyes, within our boarders.  While it may not be your son or daughter in the article, it could be. This [...]

Breaking Heart

Have you ever had a child make a decision you knew was wrong and you couldn't do anything about it? Yesterday, I received a panicked phone call from one of my girls in treatment. She said she was being kicked out of the program.  Thankfully, I've developed a great relationship with the program and know for certain they wouldn't ever just kick someone out.  They are for the girls, for restoration and for the things of God. After a few phone calls with both the program and her, I learned they were basically telling her she needed to go into [...]

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