Whose boat are you in?

What is your pastor teaching on during this Christmas season? Our church finished up a study of the book of Acts yesterday. Pastor Tom shared from Acts 27 and 28 yesterday. He talked of how Paul was on a ship caught in a horrible storm and it appeared all was lost, including the lives of everyone on board. Paul stepped up to the plate and told everyone on board they wouldn't die. In a time when he was the odd man out, he was willing to step up and speak truth, even though the circumstances didn't point to the truth [...]

Are you bringing Jesus this Christmas?

Do you collect anything at Christmas time? For a while I collected Christmas tea pots. That fad passed quickly and I switched to snowmen. The top of my entertainment center looks like we had a major snow storm, I have so many snowmen up there. The most recent thing I've been collecting is nativity scenes. There are so many unique ones out there. I love the idea of buying them from different countries, but clearly I have some traveling that needs to take place because the only international nativities I have are a small nativity a former student brought me from Israel [...]

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What do you see in Christmas lights?

Can you believe it's December 1st? Just 24 days until Christmas. I think it seems to come faster each year. I want to be intentional this year and take time every day leading up to Christmas to focus on one thing that points to Jesus. Today, my focus is on the lights of Christmas. The custom of using lights as part of the Christmas decorations dates back to pre-electricity days. People would use candles on their trees. One of our family's favorite things to do is to drive to the Lights of Life at Life University in Marietta, Georgia and [...]

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The First Gift of Christmas

Can you believe that Christmas is just 6 days away? It seems to come faster every year. Have you finished your Christmas shopping? I have to admit this is the latest I've ever been shopping for gifts. I like to have things done early so I can sit back and enjoy the season without any of the stress of still having gifts to purchase; however, my son waited until he came home from college to tell me anything he wanted for Christmas. Therefore, I'm in the midst of the chaos. Do you have something on your Christmas list you really [...]

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Can you believe it?

Do you love a good suspense thriller? You know the kind of movie or book that leaves you on the edge of your seat wondering what is coming next. I can't get enough of them. I love trying to figure out how the various characters are interwoven in the story. I especially love it when something happens that I didn't see coming. If it's a good one, I'll watch it or read it multiple times. One of my favorites is the movie the Tourist, with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. It was a great story line with perfectly cast actors. [...]

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Did you have a nice weekend? Do you do anything special? On Saturday, I took my husband on a surprise field trip to High Road Craft Ice Cream & Sorbet. He loves, loves, loves ice cream. This is a factory that is owned and operated by chefs who create the high quality, gourmet ice cream for chefs to serve in high end restaurants and gourmet food stores. They sell a very limited selection in Whole Foods , but nowhere near the selection they produce in the factory. They just recently opened a factory store where you can not only purchase the [...]

Give or take?

Do you like getting gifts? What about receiving them? I love, love, love to give people gifts. One of my favorite parts of Christmas is gift giving. I honestly have more fun watching people open the gifts I give them, than opening gifts myself, especially when it's something they weren't expecting. This Christmas my husband was the one I was able to surprise in a big way. He had opened all of his gifts, or so he thought, when I started looking around the room as if I was searching for something. I told him he had one more gift [...]

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How will you spend Christmas?

What will you be doing to celebrate Christmas? Will family travel to see you or will you be the one traveling? Do you make a huge meal for everyone to gather or do you keep it simple? The Norris family will spend this Christmas with friends and family, gathering to give one of the most priceless gifts we have to share... TIME. In the fast pace of life, with deadlines, meetings, and important phone calls, it's hard to find quality time with the Lord and those you love. I'll be taking the next two weeks off to spend dedicated time [...]

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What’s baking in your oven?

Have you started your Christmas baking? I have a list of my family's requested Christmas treats and will begin baking them today. Everyone has their favorites. My son has a long list of favorites: peanut butter fudge, chocolate peanut butter balls, Grandma's toffee cookies, sugar cookies, sugared pecans, chocolate chip cookies, and the list goes on and on. One of the things I do is pull the ingredients for a recipe out before I begin. I'm not sure if it's that I want to be certain I have everything or just pretend I'm on a Food Network cooking show. Either [...]

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The Perfect Gift for Anyone On Your List

Have you ever done Gary Chapman's Five Love Languages test to see what your primary love language is? You don't get to choose your love language. You answer a series of questions and based on your answers you're told what your primary love language is, which is not only the best way for people to express love to you, but it's the predominate way you express love. My predominate love language is gifts. I love, love, love giving people gifts. I love every aspect of it: choosing the right gift, wrapping it, but most of all delivering it. Acts 20:35 [...]

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