Why rest?

Have you ever played a musical instrument? I took piano lessons when I was in junior high (now that's telling my age). I enjoyed it but I seemed to have one recurring problem with each piece of music assigned to me.  I would rush the rest. Those of you who know me personally are laughing out loud right about now. A rest is an interval of silence in a piece of music and it is placed strategically throughout any musical composition. A rest can be given an interval of time equivalent to any note value. There is a saying among [...]

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Do you recognize him?

Our view from our seats at the concert. Do you like country music?  My daughter loves country music and in particular, she loves Chris Young.  My husband and I decided surprise her this year for her birthday with tickets to the Chris Young/Brad Paisley concert.  She was thrilled.  The concert was last night and she was the belle of the ball.  Everything seemed to go our way. We made our way to the amphitheater without sitting in any traffic, which is unheard of in Atlanta.  When we arrived, we were assigned a fabulous parking space at the end of [...]

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