How do you use it?

Have you ever straightened out a paperclip to use as a tool? Used a dime to twist a screw because you didn't have a screwdriver handy? Have you used a clothespin to hold a bag of chips closed? There are many times people use things as they weren't intended and no harm is done. Let's face it, using a clothespin as a chip clip doesn't damage the clothes pin. In fact, once your bag of chips is finished, you can use the clothespin to put your laundry out on the line if you wanted to (assuming you actually had a [...]

What’s on your wish list?

Have you made your wish list yet? Do you know how many days there are until Christmas? 86! There are only 86 shopping days left this year. Does that send any of you a panic?  If it helps at all, there's a website that is completely devoted to the Christmas countdown. You can find it here. I don't know if you keep a running wish list for Christmas or not, but I'm really curious to know if you keep a running wish list for God? Some people call it a prayer list, things they're asking God for or to do in [...]

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Just hold on and you’ll make it.

NBCs's Running Wild with Bear Grylls pictured with Zac Efron Have you watched the new program on NBC called Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls? It is about people overcoming crazy circumstances in the wild with nothing but a few tools they carry on their backs and their common sense. Our family has found it to be very entertaining. I'm not so sure we'd think of it as entertaining if we were the ones facing the extreme circumstances; however, we all do from time to time. Oh, I know we're not necessarily dropped out of a helicopter in [...]

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Have you ever thought about it?

Where do you meet with God? Do you do so in a certain room or chair in your house? Or are you more the outdoor type of person who meets with Him in nature? I can always connect with God at the beach or in the mountains; however, as far as day to day I have a favorite chair in my house where I like to have my morning quiet times. More often than not, God likes to have His most profound conversations with me in the shower. Some people sing in the shower, I talk with the Lord there. I have [...]

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How on earth did I end up here?

Have you ever found yourself somewhere and wondered, "How on earth did I end up here?" It happens more frequently than you think.  Sadly, many times poor choices or circumstances  lead people to ask that question. They end up making friends with the wrong kind of person and find themselves in front of a police officer. Or they cross a line that seemed blurry at the time and find themselves fired or a relationship on the rocks. However, there are also times when we make wise choices, follow the voice of God, take a leap of faith and still find ourselves [...]

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