What’s the attraction?

Do you use magnets on your refrigerator? There are times when my refrigerator looks more like a bulletin board. I have tons of family photos on there, wedding invitations, reminders and, my favorite, artwork from my niece and nephews. I have quite a collection of magnets that I use to hold everything in place. Some of them are weak and slide down the refrigerator over time because the attraction isn't powerful enough to hold. My favorite magnets are from Glory Haus. Once you put a Glory Haus magnet in place it isn't moving until you move it. They are fabulous. [...]

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Is it really dead?

Do you have a green thumb? Do you just plant things and they grow? My grandmother, we called her Nanny, didn't just have green thumbs, she had green hands. Everything she touched seemed to grow and grow and grow. Nanny would spend hours in the early morning outside tending to her plants. We used to joke and call her the plant whisperer. Her yard looked like the cover of a Southern Living magazine. Sometimes she would buy plants that were marked down because they looked like they were headed for the landfill and she would breath life back into them. Out [...]

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Are you dead?

Were you a fan of the television program 24? We are big 24 fans in our house. My daughter even has a t-shirt with Kiefer Sutherland's picture on it that reads, YOU DON'T KNOW JACK! When it was on television my kids would have their friends over for 24 parties, similar to Superbowl parties, with a crowd and a lot of food. They've been eagerly awaiting the promised movie by the same name; however, after a little digging I found a news article that stated the executives at FOX decided to bring 24 back to television instead of having a feature [...]

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