How does it happen?

Have you ever seen a pimp? Probably not that you know of, but pimps come in all shapes and sizes. You could walk right by one and not know it. I've come across cases where pimps have been family members, men, women, couples, gangs, and even classmates. Pimps don't walk around wearing a t-shirt that says, I'm a pimp and I plan to sell your body ten to thirty times a night to be raped and I'll keep all the money." They also don't have horns growing out of their head. They look like your average person. They blend in with [...]

Should we enter enemy territory?

Walking through enemy territory with block pastor, Dave. Have you ever gone somewhere dangerous? A place that would be considered enemy territory? You have to enter with confidence in order to do so, knowing you have the full weight of heaven behind you as you go. In Mark 5:1-20 you find a story of Jesus doing just that, walking boldly into enemy territory. He had traveled by boat to an area where a demon possessed man lived among the tombs.  He didn't choose to live among the tombs.  He was cast there by the people of his village [...]

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Look who crept in…

Do you enjoy yard work?  I don't mind it, it's just finding the time to do it.  I can't let it go but so long before I have to get out there and get it done.  This morning as I was looking out my back window, I realized the shrubs around the stone wall had to be trimmed.  They couldn't take one more day without attention. I gathered all of my tools and made my way in the backyard.  As I began to tend to the shrubs, I noticed ivy wound around the base of the shrubs.  I haven't planted [...]

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Are you afraid of the dark?

Why do bad things always seem to happen in the dark?  We have nightmares in the dark.  Our mind takes us down paths we don't want to travel in the dark. We begin to imagine all sorts of bad things in the dark. The dark is the enemy's playground.  He thrives there.  From the moment the sun starts to set, he gets excited.  His number one toy he brings out to play with is fear.  Fear wakes us up at night and keeps us from going back to sleep.  We need to remember 1 John 4:18, There is no fear [...]

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10 Steps to Keep Your Child Safe on the Internet

Social Media Outlets Do you leave your front door unlocked? Or are you the type that locks the doorknob, the deadbolt and sets the alarm whether you're at home or not? We have locks on our doors to keep unwanted guests out of our homes. We want to protect our belongings, but more importantly, the people we love. None of us would willingly open our front doors to dangerous people and invite them in to have their way in our homes, but it happens every day through technology. When we allow our children to get on the internet [...]

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