Isn’t it time you know who you are?

Have you ever seen the movie Princess Diaries 2? If you have daughter, chances are it's one of many princess movies you've seen.  My daughter and I have watched that movie so many times I could almost quote it. Yesterday during my prayer time, the Lord brought a particular scene from that movie to mind. It's when princess Mia stopped the parade through town.  Rather than tell you about it, allow me to show it to you: [youtube][/youtube] Princess Mia didn't ask anyone's permission to stop the parade. She halted the parade because she became aware of an injustice. She witnessed [...]

The answer to the problem is you!

How can God be good if He allows so many awful things take place in this world without doing anything about it? I've heard that question asked many times before.  I've often wondered if God asks the same question of us.  How can (insert your name here) be good if she allows so many awful things to take place in this world without doing anything about it. God doesn't choose to bring affliction or sorrow on anyone [Lamentations 3:33].  Problems are the result of the ruler of this evil world we live in today [Ephesians 2:1-3]. When bad things happen [...]

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