Keep the gate closed!

Do you have a fenced in backyard? We do, and it comes in handy when you have a dog.  We can open the back door and let Rosie out without having to worry about her wandering off getting lost or worse, getting hit by a car.  While Rosie is a seventy-five pound golden retriever, she thinks she's human.  To us, she is a member of the family.  We love her and we want to keep her safe. If someone is going to spend time outside, Rosie wants to go with them.  She's pretty good about entertaining herself if we're working [...]

Have you ever eaten vomit without knowing it?

Do you have a dog?  I have a golden retriever named Rosie and love her dearly.  When I was young we had a West Highland White Terrier named Nikki.  He was the coolest little dog in the world with more personality than most people.  He was a little thing, but thought of himself as a Doberman.  He would strut when he walked.  While his breed was white and his color was supposed to be, he was rarely white.  We would spend time giving him a bath, brushing out the tangles and trimming him up until he looked like a beautiful [...]

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