FRONT LINE FRIDAY with Chris Smith of Restore One

It's FRONT LINE FRIDAY! I am so excited to have the opportunity to introduce you to Chris Smith of Restore One. I have been in the fight against sex trafficking for almost five years and every time I speak I'm asked these same questions: What about boys? Does this happen to boys? What is out there for boys? I've had sketchy answers at best. Well, today, you'll hear some of those answers and more. Meet my new friend, Chris Smith. How did you, as a guy, get involved in the fight? My wife and I were youth leaders for four [...]

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Porn, who does it really harm?

Do you watch movies? I love a good movie, but I avoid horror movies.  I just don't like paying good money to be scared half to death. I see no purpose in it.  Now I can go for a good action movie or suspense thriller any day like the Bourne Supremacy, Taken, or Red. While I enjoy them, they tend to get my heart racing at times. Have you ever wondered why?  Have you ever asked yourself why you lean forward in a theater to get a better look? I remember being in fifth grade when the fire lady  (That's what we [...]

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