Runnin’ on Empty

Do you have teenagers at your house? Mine are off at college now, but I know when they're home, especially my son. All I have to do is look on the kitchen counter. If the Gatorade pitcher is sitting there empty, then Sam is home. He is one of the smartest people I know, however, he has yet to figure out when the pitcher is empty it's time to make more. Or maybe he's the smartest person I know because he has me trained to make more (usually while he's still asleep so he doesn't have to listen to me gripe and [...]

Look what I found this morning…

  Look what I found this morning........ Do you have teenagers? They're an adventure. You never know what life is going to be like with teenagers around. They leave you all sorts of wonderful gifts around the house: dirty shoes on the floor, dirty dishes in odd places, and occasionally, they'll even leave you empty Gatorade jugs in your refrigerator. Seriously? Who does that? Especially when there are other choices. You can either put it in the sink to be washed (or if you're really amazing, you could wash it and put it away) or you can make [...]

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Fill ‘er up!

Do you think joy and happiness are the same thing? A lot of people will use the words interchangeably  however, I believe they are completely different. Happiness is an emotion we experience as a result of our circumstances.  When we're having a good day at the office with things going our way, we're happy.  When our children do something wonderful at school, we're happy.  When we are on vacation, away from the hustle and bustle of our daily life, relaxing and enjoying ourselves, we're happy.  But you don't hear about people being happy in the midst of struggle or heartache, because [...]

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