What’s on the menu today?

What did you eat yesterday? Did you eat at home or did you go out for your meals? If you're like many Americans, you probably consumed one or more meals in your car. Everything about our culture seems to be in a hurry. Rarely do families take the time to plan and cook meals from scratch. If they do eat a meal at home, it usually involves the use of a microwave and prepacked, processed food. And then we wonder why our culture is full of disease and health issues. The bottom line is when we put food in our system [...]

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Is it time to clean house?

Do you like having company come visit you? I have often said I need house guests at least once a month to ensure I give the house a thorough cleaning. When I have company coming, I hit the ground running. I want them to find things in good condition, welcoming. How many of us treat God like a guest who visits every now and then? We try and clean things up on Sunday mornings before we go to church for our weekly visit; however, we seem to forget that church isn't where He dwells. When we accept Christ as our Lord [...]

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Are you more like the Motel 6 or the Ritz?

Do you take care of yourself? Do you have an annual physical? Do you eat well and exercise? If we are healthy and in good shape, it is not by accident. It is because we make it a priority to do so. When my children were little I used to spend my entire day taking care of them in one way or another. I made sure they were eating a well balanced diet. I took them outside to get fresh air and exercise. I also made sure they got adequate sleep for their growing bodies. Now that they're grown, it's [...]

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3 Steps to a Healthy Summer

What is your favorite part about summer? Is it the warmer temperatures? Not having a set schedule or routine? Vacations? If you don't have school age children, then the highlight might be less traffic on the roads during your morning commute. I love summertime. I love it all.  I love having my children home.  I love grilling out or going on picnics. I love the laid back atmosphere that seems to linger no matter where you are.  Everyone just seems more relaxed during summertime. Do you find when you don't have a daily routine it's easy to let a few [...]

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