Who did you meet yesterday?

Do you have the opportunity to meet new people each day? I meet people from all walks of life and I learn something from everyone of them, whether they're survivors, doctors, lawyers or teenagers. Everyone has something to share if you're willing to listen. The more I learn about sex trafficking, the more I realize I need to learn. It is so multifaceted and there are many people to educate on the issue. While I know a lot about the issue of sex trafficking, I do not know a lot about the medical world. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to [...]

Monkey see, monkey do!

What kind of movies do you like?  Do you like sweet romance movies like Letters to Juliet or the Notebook? Or do you prefer suspense or action movies like the Bourne trilogy, Iron Man or Taken? We watch a wide variety of movies in our house.  The sappy romance movies can make me cry, but the action movies make my heart race and my blood pressure rise. Have you ever wondered why? In fifth grade, we had a female fire fighter, who I affectionately referred to as the fire lady, come to our class for several weeks to talk with [...]

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