What do you give your time and attention to? What do you focus on? Another way of asking that question is what are your priorities? My mother used to always say, You make time for things that matter to you." Think about it for a minute... If your boss told you something has to get done today, you're going to do whatever you need to in order to accomplish the task. It suddenly became your top priority of the day. Nothing else matters until you get that task completed, because your job may depend on it. It's become not just [...]

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Where are you looking?

What kind of a car do you drive? I have driven the same Honda Odyssey minivan for 16 years. It has over 276,000 miles on it and has more stories attached to it than I can count. It's hauled kids to school, youth events, FCA, lacrosse games, baseball games, football games and college. The day I got my new car was a happy day in my world. We still haven't gotten rid of the van yet. We're trying to decide the best destination for GG, short for ghetto girl (yes, there's a story behind her name).  Today, I drive a Rav4. I named [...]

Your Who or Your Do?

Do you sit still very often? My mother will tell you that even when I sit some part of me is in motion. If I'm honest, it's usually my mouth. I tell people I've been given the spiritual gift of blab. The reality is I talk a lot. Even if I'm not talking, my leg is swinging or my knee is bouncing or something is moving. When I was little, my grandmother would say, She is such a busy little thing." I'm a doer. I guess I'm more like Martha, in that I'm always doing something [Luke 10:38-42]. So many [...]

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Focus is the key to survival!

Are you familiar with who Bear Grylls is? He's a crazy man. His name is Edward Michael Grylls but he is known by the world as Bear Grylls. He is probably most well known for his television series Man vs. Wild. He is one who is world renown for being able to survive in the wild. He served in the British military as a member of the SAS. He's a man's man and looks fear in the face and tackles it. NBC has a new program called Running Wild with Bear Grylls. It is an adventure program where well known celebrities [...]

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Where are you looking?

  Out of Darkness Seeds of Hope Gala (I'm wearing heels too.) Are you tall? I'm 5'4.5" tall. Yes, that half inch is important to include, especially when you're my height. My husband is 6'4" tall. You do the math. He is almost a foot taller than me. I spend a great deal of my time looking up. I do; however, remind him that dynamite comes in small packages. My mother's side of the family is height challenged. She is 5' even. My aunt is 4'11" tall and my grandmother was 4'10" tall. I was the giant of [...]

Pay attention before you get hurt!

  Do you like tomatoes?  I love eating them, especially when they are deep red and vine ripe.  In fact, my older brother, David, and I used to eat them like apples when we were growing up. Last night I was making burgers for dinner.  As I was about to put everything on the table, I grabbed a big, red tomato to slice for the burgers.  As I sliced the tomato, I noticed the juice flowing from it seemed darker red than normal, then the sting came.  The juice wasn't from the tomato, it was from my thumb that I'd [...]

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