Are you a cheater?

  Do you like to play board games? I love them. When my children were growing up we would play games all the time. We have a whole closet full of games. As they got older, I would purge or sell some games to make room for others. My daughter was distraught when I sold the game, Don't Wake Daddy. It was one of her all time favorites. Who knew? Clearly, I didn't. One of my favorite games to play is Taboo. I love giving or receiving the clues. I can get a bit competitive with it too. I've been [...]

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Things you shouldn’t leave home without doing….

Things Game Do you like to play games?  This weekend I was introduced to a new game called Things. It is similar to Balderdash in that a card is read, then every player writes down a response which is shared anonymously with the group.  The object of the game is to determine who wrote each answer.  The more you guess correctly, the more points you earn.  The obvious answers aren’t as easily predictable as the more creative ones, but the creative ones tend to lend themselves to more crowd response. It was a great way to get to [...]

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