What path are you on?

Do you have a GPS? Many cars come equipped with a built-in GPS. There are devices that are portable so you can plug them into the car when you need it and remove it when you don't. And now, most of the smart phones have GPS capabilities through the maps app or Google maps. Monday, a friend of mine and I traveled to Kentucky to see one of our girls who is in a treatment program. The drive from Atlanta to Kentucky was straight up I-75. Once we reached Kentucky, we had to take state roads and back roads to [...]

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Who is your GPS?

  Do use a GPS when you travel? Do you know what GPS stands for?  It's a Global Positioning System and it is a satellite navigational system that provides location, time and weather information anywhere on Earth, as long as the various satellites are not blocked from the GPS receiver. The beauty of a GPS is not only will it tell you how to get to your desired destination, it will direct you there as quickly as possible, maneuvering you around closed roads, road construction or accidents that may slow you down.  It's a fabulous tool to use when traveling, [...]

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Are you listening to your GPS?

Have you ever driven in thick fog? This past week I traveled to Asheville, North Carolina to visit my niece and help her select a venue for her bridesmaid's luncheon for her upcoming wedding.  I had a lovely time with her seeing where the wedding would take place and hearing all about her wedding plans. On my drive back to Atlanta, I encountered thick, thick fog for about a four mile stretch. At times it was so foggy, I could hardly see the car in front of me. Not only was it foggy, but it was raining too. Fortunately, I [...]

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