Which do you choose?

Do you people watch? Do you critique what you see or do you just observe? Many times people form opinions about others without ever getting to know them or learning the backstory about them. If I'm honest, I've done so before. I've formed opinions of others without getting to know them. I've also learned how far off the mark I have been. When I started working with survivors of sex trafficking I got to know them, their stories and their hearts. I've fallen in love with these young ladies time and time again. I've grown fiercely protective of them and have [...]

Walking Out Maya Angelou’s Wisdom

Are you familiar with Maya Angelou? She was an amazing woman. She authored several books, poems, plays, and was a well known speaker. She carried herself with grace, wisdom and poise that was matchless. She never seemed to be in a hurry to speak or act; rather, she was known for a thoughtful pause as she chose her words wisely. When she did speak, her words carried authority, power, and punch. Maya Angelou died Wednesday and our nation will forever be marked by her. She's known for many fabulous quotes, but one of my favorites of hers is, Be a [...]

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How much grace?

Do you have a pastor that is special to you? I've been  blessed to have multiple pastors who have invested in my life and are dear to me. After sharing with you yesterday about Reverend Frank Edwards, I received his Christmas card and letter in the mail. I've decided to defer to him today and share a portion of his Christmas letter with you this morning. As Christmas again draws near I've been thinking about "the word made flesh" passage with which the Gospel of John begins (John 1:1-18). The verse that my mind has centered on is verse 16 [...]

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Is God dead or alive?

Picture by Kim Matthews Have you heard the song, God's Not Dead, by the Newboys?  It was written by my worship pastor, Daniel Bashta.  The song is originally titled Like a Lion, and was first released by David Crowder. While both the Newsboys and David Crowder have made the song popular among music listeners, you've never really heard the song as it was intended until you hear Daniel Bashta sing it live.  It's far more rocking and less subdued than Crowder did it and far less pop music than the Newsboys.  If you ever have the opportunity to [...]

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Fill ‘er up!

Do you think joy and happiness are the same thing? A lot of people will use the words interchangeably  however, I believe they are completely different. Happiness is an emotion we experience as a result of our circumstances.  When we're having a good day at the office with things going our way, we're happy.  When our children do something wonderful at school, we're happy.  When we are on vacation, away from the hustle and bustle of our daily life, relaxing and enjoying ourselves, we're happy.  But you don't hear about people being happy in the midst of struggle or heartache, because [...]

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