“I see the moon, the moon sees me…..”

Have you noticed the moon the past few nights? It's been beautiful. I love a full moon. It makes the night sky look so picturesque. One of my interns took the picture with the moon inside of the heart she drew on her window. It reminded me of a song I used to sing when I was a little girl, I see the moon, the moon sees me. The moon sees the one that I want to see. God bless the moon, and God bless me. God bless the one that I want to see." Are you familiar with it? [...]

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Is it time to clip the hedges?

Do crepe myrtles grow where you live? I live in Georgia where they grow on just about every corner. Every spring, you will see people cutting them back, in some cases, where only twigs remain. Yet, in early spring, the growth and color are amazing. My dad is notorious for doing the same thing to the scrubs in my parent’s front yard. Whenever my mother asks him to trim the scrubs, he practically mows them down to the stump. While they look scrawny and awful for a year, they eventually thrive and look SO healthy. He uses that as justification [...]

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