“Lady, what are you afraid of?”

Do you battle fear? Many people do and don't even realize it. I have recently picked up an old classic and it has blessed me beyond measure. If you haven't read Hinds Feet in High Places, I highly recommend it. There's even has a devotional out now based on the book. The story's main character, Much-Afraid, is someone we all can relate to in one way or another. She is afraid of many things. I have been blessed reading this and cannot recommend it enough. It is enriched with scripture throughout. This past week, I was in North Carolina to support a [...]

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Which eye are you looking through?

Black Mountain RanchMcCoy, Colorado Have you ever shot a gun? The first time I ever held a gun was at Black Mountain Ranch a few years. The range instructor, Anna, saw my immediate fear and worked with me until I was comfortable shooting anything she put in my hands. I wasn’t very accurate, but I did overcome my fear of guns. Recently, I’ve been going to the range working on my accuracy. I took a class this past weekend where the instructor pointed out my biggest problem with my shooting... I was using the wrong eye to aim. Because [...]

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