What would you say?

What would you ask a survivor of  trafficking if you had the chance to talk with her? Last night I was talking with one of my precious girls and she asked me if I had started scheduling speaking engagements for 2015. As I stated listing off the events I have books and the dates they're scheduled she said, One of these days I'm gonna go with you and tell my story." I had to smile. She's come a long way in the past four and a half years. She smiles more and laughs often. She dreams of a future that [...]

You, too, can be a first responder.

Did you see pictures of the massive tornado in Oklahoma?  It was a massive, force of destruction at least a half-mile wide that took out nearly everything in its path.  The winds were recorded to be 200 mph at times. More than 120 people were treated at area hospitals, approximately 70 of those children. The death toll is up to 51 and expected to rise.  It's incomprehensible for those of us who weren't there. Times like these are when you read about ordinary men and women becoming heroes.  The first responders, everyday citizens like you and me jumped in where [...]

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Unlikely Hero

Photo: ABC News Have you seen any of the news coverage of the three women rescued in Cleveland?  It has been all over the media.  Three women who were abducted separately while in their teens and early 20s and held in bondage were discovered and rescued by an unsuspecting neighbor, an unlikely hero. One of the victims, Amanda Berry, took advantage of her captors absence and began screaming for help.  Her neighbor, Charles Ramsey, said he wasn’t a hero.  When asked about his neighbor, Ramsey said, I give this dude his mail when it comes to my house. [...]

Do you want to be a Superhero?

Did you grow up watching the super heroes on television?  I have two brothers, so I saw nearly every episode of Batman, Superman, The Incredible Hulk, and more.  We also watched Wonder Woman. Even as young children, we all like to believe there are people in the world who will go the extra mile to help others. We all need a hero. Unfortunately, they seem harder and harder to find in our world. There are people who will gladly give and do for those they deem worthy, but there are others who never seem to catch a break, never have [...]

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