What does your route look like?

A photo from my run at Holden Beach, North Carolina. Have you been on vacation yet? I had the opportunity this past week to go to Holden Beach with both of my brothers and their families and my parents. Because we're spread out across the country, this was the first time in five years we've been together. It was fun to have some quality time with everyone. Since I haven't done much running since recovering from plantar faciitis and I have a 5K coming up, I knew it would be important to continue with my training. I stuck to the [...]

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Do you hear them?

Have you ever attended a running race? I've been to four as a spectator and two as a competitor. One of my favorite races to follow was my brother's Ironman race in Florida several years ago. The level of determination on the faces of the competitors was impressive. They swam 2 miles in the ocean, biked 113 miles and then ended the race by running a marathon. Any of those legs of the race on it's own is impressive, but to combine the three in one day is borderline insane. Our family traveled to various points along the race route [...]

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How will you respond?

Boston Marathon Do you have any runners in your family? If so, the Boston Marathon bombing probably hit a little close to home for you.  My younger brother, Steve, is an Ironman.  I've followed him in a race, cheering him on as he went.  I've been by his side, encouraging him along those last few steps, screaming for joy for him as he crossed the finish line.  My father has also run a marathon, where I've been there calling his name, cheering him on to the last step.  Never did I think either would be in danger of [...]

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