Are you bringing Jesus this Christmas?

Do you collect anything at Christmas time? For a while I collected Christmas tea pots. That fad passed quickly and I switched to snowmen. The top of my entertainment center looks like we had a major snow storm, I have so many snowmen up there. The most recent thing I've been collecting is nativity scenes. There are so many unique ones out there. I love the idea of buying them from different countries, but clearly I have some traveling that needs to take place because the only international nativities I have are a small nativity a former student brought me from Israel [...]

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What shapes you? What makes you who you are?

Did you ever watch Mr. Rogers as a child? This morning as I signed onto Facebook to send out birthday greetings to friends, a clip from a Mr. Rogers episode caught my eye. The thought of that show takes me back to the living room of the house I grew up in on Saxon Court. I couldn't help but watch it. If you're a fan of Mr. Rogers, you can watch it here. The clip caused me to reflect on television shows and movies that impacted me as a child. I have always loved movies, whether on television or in [...]

Are you a cheater?

  Do you like to play board games? I love them. When my children were growing up we would play games all the time. We have a whole closet full of games. As they got older, I would purge or sell some games to make room for others. My daughter was distraught when I sold the game, Don't Wake Daddy. It was one of her all time favorites. Who knew? Clearly, I didn't. One of my favorite games to play is Taboo. I love giving or receiving the clues. I can get a bit competitive with it too. I've been [...]

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Circle Up!

How do you respond when someone asks you to pray for something? Do you tell them you will and then go on about your day, praying about it if you remember it? Or do you fear you'll forget so you pray for it right then and there? Do you only pray about it once or do you contend until you see breakthrough? Our culture seems to be one of immediate gratification. We want everything we want and we want it now. The idea of having to wait or wrestle with something in prayer seems almost unheard of today. Do we [...]

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What makes you mad?

What makes you mad? I don’t mean just a little upset, but what stirs you up to the point you can’t sit by and do nothing? Mark Fritchman says that may be the very thing God is calling you to without you realizing it. This has been referred to by many as the Popeye Principle. Popeye the Sailor Man is a famous cartoon character known for having his frustration level peaked to the point it propelled him into action.  He frequently said, That’s all I can stand, and I can’t stands no more.” In Exodus 2, we read about Moses [...]

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Do you have any scrapbooks?  Maybe you scrapbook as a hobby.  I'm pretty certain I need to join a group of some sort, because scrapbooking for me is an addiction.  I've made 80+ scrapbooks in the past nineteen years.  Let's just say my children knew what to do whenever a camera was in their face.  No one every had to say, "Say cheese" to them.  They knew the drill like an actress on the red carpet. My son is home from college on spring break this week.  We were supposed to be traveling together to visit family; however, he got [...]

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