Are you scared yet? Be brave!

Just in case you're concerned, this is nowhere near farming community where my girls are. I took it on the drive through Kentucky. Breathe easy. How often do you get out in the country? I don't mean where there happens to be more grass than concrete; I'm referring to the place where more things walk around on four legs than two? This past week I traveled through four different states to visit some of my girls. One of those states was Kentucky. It is filled with lush, green grass, rolling hills, farm animals, and that sound.... oh that [...]

What path are you on?

Do you have a GPS? Many cars come equipped with a built-in GPS. There are devices that are portable so you can plug them into the car when you need it and remove it when you don't. And now, most of the smart phones have GPS capabilities through the maps app or Google maps. Monday, a friend of mine and I traveled to Kentucky to see one of our girls who is in a treatment program. The drive from Atlanta to Kentucky was straight up I-75. Once we reached Kentucky, we had to take state roads and back roads to [...]

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Been sharpened?

Have you ever been to Kentucky?  My friend, Kim, and I traveled to Kentucky yesterday to visit a young woman in a recovery program.  The drive was beautiful, all of the rolling hills, the silos, barns, and animals grazing. It was very picturesque. When we arrived, we were greeted with hugs, kisses and tears. I now understand what Paul meant by greeting one another with a holy kiss [Romans 16:16]. My sweet friend nearly snapped me in two as she clung to me with tears our joy streaming down her face. She was so eager to see familiar faces and [...]

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