Does He hear you?

Does God still answer prayers? Or do you feel like you're talking, but no one is listening, especially God? At times it can feel that way. You pour your heart out and wait patiently... or not so patiently... for an answer that never seems to come. I don't believe God sits on His throne each day deciding who He will or will not listen to. Unlike you and I, He is the ultimate multi-tasker. While many of us have a hard time making it through our day and listening those around us, He can keep everything on earth going and [...]

What? I can’t hear you. Speak up!

Photo taken by Sam Norris Do you enjoy art? If I'm honest, there are some pieces I look at and just don't get.  I enjoy looking; however, very few pieces of art truly move me. I don't know if that says more about me or the art I've seen. As I looked through Sam's photos from his trip abroad one caused me to pause.  It seemed to draw me in as I looked at it.  It spoke to me.  It is a picture of a sculpture outside of Auschwitz. Sam said he couldn't remember the name of the [...]

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