What tool in on your table?

Did you have a good weekend? The weather in Georgia was sunny, flip-flop weather. I loved it. I spent my Saturday in Augusta, Georgia. I spoke at the Global Impact Conference at Mosiac United Methodist Church at their Saturday night women's dinner. I loved everything about the evening. The focus on the weekend was missions and the spotlight for the night was sex trafficking. Jane Whitehead of Hope for Today spoke about the issue of sex trafficking in India, then I shared about the issue on the home front. Mosaic Global ImpactSusan Norris and Jane Whitehead When I [...]

Are you doing your part?

Antico Pizza in Atlanta How did you spent your Memorial Day? My husband and I had dinner at Antico, an Italian pizza place I've been wanting to try for a while now.  It was very simple inside.  We ordered our pizza and beverages at the counter and then we were directed to the kitchen where they had large family style farm table seating.  Multiple parties would share one table. The staff worked like a fine tuned machine, everyone doing their task, and they turned out pizza after pizza with what appeared to be little effort on any one [...]

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