A Different Kind of Pimp

Photo taken by Chip Bush. Have you ever felt used? Have you had a person take what they wanted from you and then walk away? It happens every day in business as well as personal relationships. It's selfish at the very least and at the extreme it's a form of abuse. The young ladies I work with have been used, abused and discarded by epic proportions. They've been treated as nothing more than an object to fulfill a twisted desire. One young lady said, My pimp didn't see me as a person. He saw me as an ATM. When he [...]

“If you request them, they will come!”

Are you planning on watching the Super Bowl this Sunday? Do you have a favorite team? I honestly haven't been paying attention to the teams playing. My focus on Super Bowl XLIX has been different from most. I've been focused on the impact it will have on sex trafficking in the Phoenix, Arizona area. While there are some people, some abolitionists included, who say events like the Super Bowl do not provide an increase of activity in the sex trade, news reports and rescue organizations seem to tell a different story. Whether it's the Super Bowl in Arizona or the [...]

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Got room?

Got room? How crazy is your average day? Are you able to fit everything into your schedule? Get everyone up Make breakfast Clean up the kitchen Shower and get yourself dressed Work all day Swing by the grocery store to pick up something to cook for dinner Or is it hit the drive through Clean up after dinner Help with homework Straighten the house for the next day Tuck everyone into bed At some point try to squeeze in a workout Have a conversation with your spouse Does that about sum up your day? It's crazy isn't it? And it [...]

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Do you have a big but?

Do you have a big but in your life? I'd love to go on a mission trip, but I don't have the money to go and could never raise it. I'd love to join the fight against sex trafficking, but I don't have any skills of value to offer. I'd love to help in my community, but I don't know where to start. I'd be willing to do _______, but I don't want to be the only one. (You fill in the blank.) Smith Wigglesworth was a brilliant man of God who spoke great wisdom and truth. He once said, If there are [...]

How to Keep Your Inheritance Secure

Have you ever noticed nothing brings out people's true colors like the division of a family member's assets? Families have split over the division of assets and the readings of wills. It's sad, but it happens more often than not. During a time when family members should be clinging to one another to get through a difficult time, they make it more difficult by fighting over things. What do you stand to inherit? Do you know? Is it money or is it an heirloom that has been passed down from one generation to another? My mother has several items that [...]

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How do you overcome your fear of public speaking?

Are you afraid of speaking before a large group? What about a smaller audience of one or two people?  The fear of public speaking, or glossophobia,  is one of the most common fears among people.  In fact, it is said that 74% of all people suffer from this fear.  This fear can be the result of many factors, such as anxiety over being viewed as having nothing worthy to say, feeling inferior to the audience, or feeling like you'll be made fun of for what you've shared. Recently, I read an article about  a survivor of human sex trafficking who [...]

Are you investing wisely?

Do you have a good handle on your finances? Do you know where each dollar goes every month and is it budgeted? Or are you the kind of person that gets to the end of your money before you get to the end of your month? More often than not, I come across people who have financial struggles.  They work hard and wouldn't consider themselves frivolous with their funds, but it's just hard to get by sometimes.  Then I see all of these ministries, organizations and people trying to do Kingdom work, and they never seem to have enough money to do [...]

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