FRONT LINE FRIDAYS with survivor, Jerome Elam!

IT'S FRONT LINE FRIDAY! Today I want to introduce you to a speaker, writer, abolitionist, and survivor of sex trafficking, Jerome Elam. When did you get involved in the fight against sex trafficking? It was after 20+ years of therapy, trying to cope with my own situation. My mother was 15 when she had me. My father was in the military and when he returned from overseas their short marriage fell apart. Alcohol flowed freely through the house which opened the door for domestic abuse. Their marriage didn't last long after. My mother divorced and married over and over. I [...]

What or who is number one?

Do you have a Facebook page? I do and I am on it fairly regularly, posting articles on sex trafficking as well as praises for great things that happen in the fight. I tend to skim over other things, trying to avoid being sucked in for hours. Sometimes there are stories and posts that just draw you in and demand your attention. This morning I read a post by a friend who shared a conversation between her and a little boy God has brought into her life. It was precious. He wanted to know, ...what's more important, worshiping God or getting [...]

I thought I’d heard it all until this….

How is you relationship with your mom? I'm very blessed to have a close relationship with mine. She isn't just my mother, but she's one of my closest friends. We used to hang out quite a bit before I moved to Georgia, and even with the miles between us, we talk frequently. My mother is a mama bear too. She is fiercely protective of her children and will come out guns blazing to protect us all. You can imagine my horror when I talked with, not one, but two women separately this weekend and they both said verbatim, My mother [...]

Who do you sound like?

Have you seen this sign? I had to laugh out loud when I first came across it, because it is so true. There are times, usually when parenting one of my children, when I open my mouth and my mother travels 346 miles in seconds and comes out of my mouth. Not only do I speak her words, but I do so with her mannerisms and tone. It was freaking the first time it happened. I honestly stood there stunned, thinking, I know she's not here, but I swear it sounded like her. The older I get, the more I start [...]

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How did you celebrate?

Hello? Did you spend yesterday with your mother? Both my mother and my mother-in-law live out of town, so I was unable to be with them; yet, I talked with both of them at length and showered them cards and gifts. I was blessed to spend the day with my daughter and my husband, but my son left Friday for his study abroad experience.  Thanks to the use of technology, I was able to spend some time with him via Skype.  It was great to see him and talk with him.  Just as we disconnected, my cell phone [...]

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Many Hats!

Have you ever looked back over your life and laughed at how the dots have connected through the years?  Do you see how the many hats you’ve worn have led you to where you are today? I found myself doing this yesterday. It’s really ironic how I ended up walking life with girls who are survivors of human sex trafficking, lobbying for better laws to protect them, and speaking as a voice for hope on any platform God gives me.  I remember when I started doing research for Rescuing Hope I thought I’d research, write a book and move on; [...]

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